Our charity work is not just raising funds, we are hands on volunteers determined to help the community and improve some of the facilities that we and all other sport users use!

Our latest fund-raising project is well on the way, which is helping with repairs to the local YMCA in Peaks Lane Grimsby.

So far this year (2010), as volunteers, we have re-sealed the sports' hall floor with a non-slip polish/sealant, which has made a tremendous difference to the safety aspect for all users.

We are also in the process of another huge task, which is repairing the years and years of damage done to the existing wall boarding, by fixing 50 4x8 sheets on top of the damaged structure.

For a bunch of volunteers this has been a major task, not just the raising of funds, but also for carrying out the maintenance ourselves with the help of a colleague builder, Dave Sykes (to whom we are tremendously grateful). This work alone is expected to cost around £1,000, using 50 4x8 sheets of mdf, over 25 x 10inch tubes of 'no-nails' glue and almost 1000 screws, to make the fixture safe and permanent. On top of this, we have to add the cost for the hire of scaffolding and the professional services of a builder, which also included the liability insurance for the project. Not forgetting the task of making arrangements for volunteers to give, up to two full days of their time, again, to whom we are extremely grateful.

The major fixture has been completed and the difference is amazing! The next stage is to paint the boards, which will again be done by volunteers.

Our fund-raising for the YMCA will be an ongoing venture for quite some time and our next project is to improve the lighting, again, at a cost of between £600 and £1000.

This will be followed by revamping the changing rooms and toilet facilities and if funding "could ever get that high", make the facility, wheelchair and disability friendly.

The list could go on and on, but is totally dependant on our ability to raise funds.

Any help that you can offer us, which will enable us to continue, our help the community projects would be much appreciated.

For further information regarding our fund-raising and our voluntary work, please contact us