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Matthew Atmore

Matthew Atmore:

Gender: Male

D.o.B.: 5/12/1987

R/L Hand: Right Handed Player

First club: NELBDG Friday night club

Short summary:

I first started to play seriously at the age of 17, going to the Friday club at Grimsby Leisure Centre. With the club coaching from Del, I soon improved and progressed to the Advanced club at Grimsby Institute. I am a regular player in both, the NELBDG, Singles and Doubles leagues where I am currently number 4 in the league.

I enjoy the sport so much that I am training to be a full time badminton coach through the services of the NELBDG. I currently have my Coach Level 1 and will be taking my level 2 in the new year.

I hold the position of Assistant Schools Project Officer with the NELBDG where I run several after school clubs on their behalf.

Thanks for taking the time to read my blogg!

Cheers Mat