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John Holland

Personal Details

Name:       John Holland

Gender:     Male

D.o.B:       08/08/1984

R/L Hand:  Right handed

First Club: Cleethorpes Saturday morning club

Racket:    Yonex ArcSaber 7

Sponsors: Maurice Robinson Sports

About Me On Court

Event(s):  Men's Doubles and Mixed Doubles

Team(s):  Grimsby Town, Hull Men's and Hull Mixed

Started badminton at age:  14 years

Short Summary

Predominantly a self taught player with guidance from the badminton group, most notably from Derrick Haughton. Proceeded to improve at a rapid rate and made it into the county squads within three years. At this point, I'd got the "badminton bug" and wanted to take things further and claimed high status at national level in men's doubles.

Locally I'd managed to become 3 x Singles champion, 5 x Men's Doubles champion and
7 x Mixed Doubles Champion (mixed doubles whilst being apart of the Grimsby Town squad). More recently I'm balancing playing as part of the NELBDG and over in Hull, in their local leagues as well as Yorkshire League; where further accolades have been won.

With help through the NELBDG, I'm giving knowledge and experience that I've gained over the years to the younger and up and coming junior players through private and group coaching sessions (representing the NELBDG); including junior county squads, helping them to improve their overall game and helping them to progress.

Badminton is surely the most addictive sport that I've participated in but it's certainly one of my favourites both on and off the court; being fortunate enough to have met so many people, some of which I'm grateful for helping me over the years.