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Derrick Haughton

Gender: Male

D.o.B.: 16/02/1949

R/L Hand: Right Handed Player

First club: Scartho Badminton Club

Short summary:

Started playing badminton at the age of 30 and still playing at a good standard, proving that you're never too old to learn.

Self taught player with the help and advice from local colleagues and players, soon began to love the sport and joined the local leagues. Managed to get up to division 1 standard and still there, although, losing as many games as I win these days, but still loving it.

Enjoy the sport so much, that I have now become a level 2 coach with the NELBDG to help others enjoy the sport.

I currently hold the positions of Secretary and Schools Project officer with the NELBDG and run clubs every day (seven days a week) on their behalf.

Play it-Love it-Live it

Thanks for reading my blogg!