Player Profiles

Derrick Haughton

Started playing badminton at the age of 30 and still playing at a good standard, proving that you're never too old to learn.

Self taught player with the help and advice from local colleagues and players, soon began to love the sport and joined the local leagues. Managed to get up to division 1 standard and still there, although, losing as many games as I win these days ...more

Mat Atmore

I first started to play seriously at the age of 17, going to the Friday club at Grimsby Leisure Centre. With the club coaching from Del, I soon improved and progressed to the Advanced club at Grimsby Institute. I am a regular player in both, the NELBDG, Singles and Doubles leagues ...more

John Holland

Predominantly a self taught player with guidance from the badminton group, most notably from Derrick Haughton. Proceeded to improve at a rapid rate and made it into the county squads within three years. At this point, I'd got the "badminton bug" and wanted to take things further and claimed high status at national level in men's doubles ...more

Josh Tilling

I first started to play at the age of 11, but did not start seriously until the age of 12 when I started going to the NELBDG Monday club at the OASIS Academy Wintringham. With the help of club coaching from Del, Matt and Phil, I soon improved and I am now a regular player in both the NELBDG clubs and Lincolnshire County Team ...more