League Rules

The Rules

The NELBDG operate two leagues, with matches played at any club session:

Singles League
Doubles League

Our leagues are open to all levels of ability, age and gender, what's more entry is now free of charge.

Both leagues run on a monthly basis with lottery ticket prizes (when funds allow), for the winners. For the purpose of competitions and tournaments, we calculate overall player rankings based upon the last twelve months of these league results.

Both leagues are operated as a ladder league, with several divisions for each league. Your position in the league depends on how many points you accrue during that month, with the winners going up and losers going down.

All matches are the best of three games i.e. 2-0 or 2-1
All games to 21 points, using the point per rally scoring system
You must win each game by 2 clear points i.e. 21-0, up-to 21-19, however, if the scores reach 20-20, continue up to 29-29, it is then sudden death, next point wins i.e 30-29, or 29-30

You get 3 points just for playing even if losing 2-0, plus 1 bonus point for each game you win, ie.
3 points for playing any match, regardless to the score.
4 points for winning 1 of the three games i.e. you lose 2-1
5 points if you win the match, 2-0 or 2-1.

Who can join:
The singles league speaks for itself, any player, any age, any gender.

With the doubles league, it is for all formats; mixed and level doubles, male or female, adult or junior, its up to you. You can even enter twice with a different partner!

Remember entry to the league is now free.

Please contact us for further information