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Rackets for Schools!

posted 13 Mar 2011, 08:13 by Derrick C Haughton   [ updated 19 Mar 2011, 14:13 ]
Hi players, can you help? 

I am sure you can remember the horrible steel rackets that most school's gave you to use and for some of you, you probably still do. Well, our group is trying to help schools purchase better rackets and we need your help!

We have just started a scheme where we 'buy back' old rackets, we then do them up if necessary and offer them on to schools for as little as £5 and a maximum of £10 per racket. The idea is to make them see how much longer these rackets last and how much better players can play with them, in the hope that they eventually purchase better ones in the future.

I am sure most of you have old rackets or rackets that your ability level has deemed them not good enough any-more, so why not help us to help the schools. The buy back can be either as a straight purchase or as part exchange for a new racket (bought from us), so if you can help, please contact me.

We will pay you up to £10 for your old carbon graphite racket and up to £5 for non-carbon graphite rackets so have a look in your rackets bag or the garage or in the cupboard under the stairs and help us.