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Scartho Badminton Club

Scartho Badminton Club

Scartho Badminton Club formerly  played at St Giles Church Hall in Scartho. Their original club nights used to be Tuesday and Thursday, but this changed to a Wednesday evening in the 1970's.

SBC were one of the oldest badminton clubs in the town, with records going back to the 1940's. In their peak (when Gy had its own leagues) they had three mixed doubles teams, two Men's doubles teams and a Ladies doubles team. In 1980, with the help of a 'keen' young trainee coach Derrick Haughton they formed a junior section, which was soon to become one of the largest junior clubs in the area.

The club was full of very talented players most of whom had their own unique character and will be remembered for many years to come. Players like; Les and Anne Hammond, Eileen and Charles Duggleby, Dave Lofthouse, Martin Gardner, Dave Scott (nicknamed coach Scotty because of all the help and advice he gave to new players), Peter Burke, Tony and Marralyn Gillespie, Dave and Sue Moore, George Upson, Pat Watson, Nikki Coles, Mary Kidals, Trevor Henrickson, Fred White, Linda Bradley, Dave Sykes, June Everitt, not to mention a few talented younger players like; Chris Simpson, Bill Parkinson, Leslie Parry, Peter Dunford, Craig Haughton, Richard Townsend, Chris Moore, Martyn Mason, Elizabeth Vaughan, Julie Short, Ryan Kittendorf, not forgetting the ever present Derrick Haughton, who is till playing and coaching!

Regrettably with the demise of badminton in the late 1970's, mostly due to the massive price increase for renting school halls, many clubs folded. This inevitably led to the closure of the local Gy & District Badminton Leagues, soon followed  by the closure of the South Humberside Combination League. Although, many clubs did fold, SBC continued to thrive, meeting every week to keep local competitive play alive, however, playing in a rather cramped two-court hall at St Giles (with wall pillars intruding onto the courts), the standard of play outgrew the hall. By this time, Derrick had become a fully qualified coach working with the NELBDG, who were running club nights at both Grimsby and Cleethorpes Leisure Centres and a School of Excellence at Grimsby Institute (formerly Grimsby College) and a merger of the two clubs was suggested and duly  formed in December 2002.

Many of the SBC players are still playing badminton with the NELBDG even though some of them are in, or approaching the age of 70, proving, you're never too old to play.

There are many tales about the fun and games during SBC's time at St Giles, such as rackets being broken against the wall pillars and even the massive steel radiators that used to to be in between the pillars, protruding onto the courts. Players having to jump up on to the stage to avoid crashing into the wall, the old circular glass light shades that used to get broken on a regular basis from the impact with shuttles. The regular end of season team and Xmas parties and the annual Xmas Club Tournament.

If anyone has a tale to tell, or some more names to add, please get in touch and we will enter them onto our web page.

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