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Grimsby Town Badminton Club

Grimsby Town Badminton Club

The Grimsby Town Badminton Club is one of the longest established and most successful clubs in the area. Formed in the late 1930's to create the opportunity for a group of the more talented local players to train and compete at the highest possible level. Offering such high standards of training and competition has ensured the retention of many excellent and well known players, thus ensuring the club and the area's outstanding success.

The high standards of the club has enabled several players to gain National representation, players such as: Tony Guilder, Nick Woods, Jill Kapka, Nigel Crags, Helen Snell, Lee Clapham, Jo Davis (Jo represented England in the 2000 Olympics), Jason Marshall and our latest success, Alex Langley.

In August 2005 the Gy Town Club and the NELBDG formed a partnership to create yet again a pathway for the talented junior players to train and play at the highest possible level. The partnership ensured that the vast amount of experience acquired by the Gy Town players is being passed down to the area's juniors and not lost, which would have been a crime.

The Gy Town name continues as our feathers' club and the success of the club looks to continue for many years with the abundance of young players coming through the ranks.

Just for the record books, the Gy Town team still play in the Lincs League and in the 2009/2010 season secured the unprecedented record of winning the league title for the 25th successive year, which we hope to expand next season.

For further information regarding Gy Town and the NELBDG, please contact us