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Cleethorpes Badminton Club

Cleethorpes Badminton Club

In March 2011, CBC (Cleethorpes Badminton Club) merged with the NELBDG, bringing the group of clubs to “four”.

One of the oldest clubs in the area Cleethorpes Badminton Club was formed in 1947 playing from St. Andrew’s Church Hall until 1960 when, due to the church and hall being demolished they moved to St Aiden’s Church Hall, Grimsby Road, Cleethorpes, where they continued to play until 1980, when, yet again, their hall was demolished to make way for sheltered housing adjacent to the Church.  The club then moved to a new 4 court venue at what was then Chelmsford School (now Franklin College), Chelmsford Avenue, Grimsby, where they continued to play in the local leagues for many years.

In its ‘hay day’ the club was very successful, boasting some of the town’s best individual and mixed players.  The club played in the local Grimsby League and also the Lincolnshire County League, winning numerous trophies.  Many of these league matches being played in one court hall’s, which saw some very late nights and some gruelling games, often until well after midnight.  There was also a very active social side.

In the past 10 years it has been increasingly difficult to gain new members as there seems to be a decline in ‘club badminton’ in general.  Although the few remaining members tried hard to boost the numbers, sadly this did not happen, and at the end of  the 2010 season it was agreed that the club was no longer viable and could not sustain the  4 court hall at Franklin College. The remaining members moved to Oasis Leisure using only one court but still struggled to survive.

Fortunately, we were thrown a lifeline by the North East Lincs. Badminton Development Group (NELBDG), and invited to play under their umbrella. This has proved to be a very beneficial move, renewing interest and enthusiasm amongst the remaining ‘veteran’ players. Cleethorpes Badminton Club is now part of the NELBDG group of clubs and will continue to promote the sport.